Faculty Innovation Introduction

Welcome to the Innovation Partnership Services Office. 

Top 5 Things for New UNCG Faculty to Know

  1. Don’t Sign – UNCG limits what faculty can and cannot sign, be it agreements, purchase orders, or other contracts. Reach out and we can help!
  2. Don’t Disclose – Think you have something novel, like an invention or other innovation? Let us know first before you share it with others so we can help protect your innovation.
  3. We Can Improve Your Research  – We have a number of programs and initiatives to help faculty find funding and improve their research, just reach out!
  4. We Have Great Programs for Your Classes & Students – UNCG Entrepreneur Day, Pitch Competitions, Workshops, and so much more that benefit your students and offers extra credit opportunities.
  5. We are Connectors – Whether you want to meet other researchers on campus or connecting with regional businesses and partners, we make it our job to know as many people as we can.

How LaunchUNCG Helps UNCG Faculty

LaunchUNCG in the UNCG Community’s One Place to Help Innovators Launch Something Remarkable. Whether you want to improve your research, find new funding opportunities, meet potential collaborators, form a spinout around your research, protect your innovation, have an agreement reviewed, and so much more – We Can Help!
  • N C Entrepreneurship Center

    1. Focused on exposing UNCG students to an entrepreneurial path, the NCEC leads a variety of initiatives including UNCG Entrepreneur Day, 2 Minutes to Win It Idea Pitch Competition, one-on-one idea consulting and a many more.
  • Innovation Partnership Services Office (IPSO)

    IPSO houses UNCG’s technology transfer activities with “white-glove” service for our faculty. Not only do we review agreements and protect intellectual property, but also collaborate with faculty to find commercialization opportunities, form spinout, meet partners and so much more.

  • UNCG/NCAT NSF I-Corps Program

    I-Corps is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and helps students, faculty, staff, and alumni discover the most impactful opportunity for their innovation. Through expert training and mini-grant funding, this internationally-renowned program teaches strategies and methodologies resulting in better research, improved soft-skills, and so much more.

  • More Ways We Help UNCG Faculty:

    • Review and sign agreements
    • Protect intellectual property
    • Meet other faculty on campus
    • Meet potential partners and programs in the region
    • Provide workshops and other programs for your classes and students
    • Provide free one-on-one consulting
    • Offer advice on research commercialization pathways
    • Offer funding opportuntiies
    • Help you form a spinout company