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Nucleic Acid Arrays to Monitor Water and Other Ecosystems

The Office of Innovation and Commercialization is proud to announce that Dr. Vincent Henrich and Dr. Parke Rublee of UNCG’s …Read More

The Weatherspoon Art Museum: Art-of-Seeing Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

Learning to see objectively can be a useful skill in many situations, but it is especially critical to those in …Read More

UNCG researchers design nanostructures based on nature

“Nature is a great hunting ground for ideas,” says Dennis LaJeunesse, Ph.D., associate professor of nanoscience in the Joint School …Read More

Nano Manufacturing 2015 – Conference

Conference The conference will be held at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSSN). It provides an opportunity for …Read More

Award-Winning Professor Teaches Students to Think Visually

Dr. Bruce Kirchoff, a UNCG biology professor known for his innovative approach to teaching that encourages students to see patterns …Read More

Innovative Mail System Demonstates UNCGs Efficiencies

Robert Walker’s Dynamic Mail system is featured in this year’s Chancellor’s Report.  Click here to learn more about how Robert’s …Read More