Innovation Partnership Services Office



L. Staton Noel III, MS, MBA
1613D MHRA Bldg, 1111 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27412
Phone: 336-256-1041 or FAX: 336-256-2049

Staton Noel joined the Office of Innovation Commercialization in 2011 following 25 years’ experience working in large pharma, public-private, federal, and university research facilities.    Staton brings a broad range of experience discovering and developing therapies in a commercial setting for chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and the endocrine disorders.  Staton has an extensive technical experience including assay development, high throughput screening, protein purification techniques, molecular biology techniques, and in vitro/vivo modeling including developing surrogate biomarkers.

In addition to his commercial scientific experience, Staton’s dual degree MBA/MS in Gerontology brings a unique understanding of the social, financial, and medical needs of the growing worldwide elderly population.  In the Office of Innovation Commercialization, Staton’s combination of applied science and business acumen will provide evaluation of invention disclosures, market research, manage intellectual property protection, market technologies, and negotiating licensing agreements.

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Business Officer

H. Kay Canady
1613A MHRA Bldg, 1111 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27412
Phone: 336-256-2047 or FAX: 336-256-2049

Kay began work in the Office of Innovation Commercialization on January 1, 2010. Her primary responsibilities as business officer for the Office of Innovation Commercialization include managing the day to day operations of the office. She is responsible for the business administration as well as the financial management of the office as she works closely with the Director of Innovation Commercialization.

Prior to her assignment in the Office of Innovation Commercialization, Kay held positions in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, and most recently in the Office of Sponsored Programs. She held multiple positions in the Office of Sponsored Programs formally known as the Office of Research Services. Kay has worked at UNCG for 19 years.

Technology Analyst/Intellectual Property Mgr.

Mike Marshall JD, Ph.D.
1613 MHRA Bldg, 1111 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27412
Phone: 336-334-4773 or FAX: 336-256-2049

Michael Marshall first joined the Office of Innovation Commercialization as a Technology Transfer Intern while completing his doctoral studies in nanoscience at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering. His PhD work focused on developing solid-state nanopores as a single molecule detection platform for microbial biomarker discovery applications. Prior to his PhD studies, Michael worked in UNC-Greensboro’s Center for Biotechnology, Genomics and Health Research, where he managed a research project focused on developing a new method to assess water quality based on metagenomic profiles of resident microbial communities. This project grew out of Michael’s previous research experience while completing an MS in biology, also at UNC-Greensboro. Over the course of his scientific training, he has acquired a broad-based working knowledge spanning multiple fields, including molecular biology, microbial ecology, biotechnology, and single molecule biophysics.

Before his research career began, Michael also worked as an attorney in private practice for several years handling a variety of transactional matters. He comes to the OIC with a strong interest in facilitating the university discovery process, bringing both legal and technical experience to assist with technology transfer activities. As an Entrepreneur in Residence, Michael will support faculty, staff and students with invention disclosures and patentability evaluation, administer the patent process, and draft agreements that are an integral part of the commercialization pipeline.