Amphiphilic Hybrid Nanomaterials

Primary Investigators: Daniel Herr, Hemali Rathnayake, Kristen Dellinger

Application Number: 62/811,292

UNCG Innovation: 19-0008

Category: Nanoscience


This invention relates to bioinpsired amphiphylic hybrid nanomaterials that exhibit the potential for self-assembling sub-5 nm nanostructures, such as lines and spaces. Specifically, this disclosure includes the following set of inventions/innovations:

  •  Hybrid nanomaterial compositions that incorporate a metal coordinated and/or complexed to an amphiphilic molecule, such as a phospholipid, a multicarbocylated fatty acid and/or their analogs, etc.
  • The self-assembled sub-5 nm nanostructures that exhibit some functionality, e.g., Electrical conductivity, selective etch selectivity for pattern transfer to a substrate, etc.
  • A process, e.g., one that includes sonication, for driving the assembly towards a desired morphology, e.g., nanowires.
  • A hybrid nanomaterial system that is capable of exhibiting a dynamic, such that the intermolecular phase segregation forces tend to increase during processing, thus enabling ultra-high-resolution self-assembled nanostructures. In principles, a system designed with such a dynamic K may achieve highly resolved nanostructures with low defectivity.

Immediate & Future Applications:

  • Show ITRS roadmap for DSA applications in nanoelectronics fabrication
  • Describe AMAT’s interest

Inventor Info: Daniel Herr

Inventor Info: Hemali Rathnayake

Inventor Info: Kristen Dellinger