In the News: Researchers Help Honeybees Help Themselves Against A Devastating Parasite

In the news

UNC-TV recently aired a story about the importance of bees in agriculture and what can be done about the decline in bee populations in recent years. Biology professor Dr. Olav Rueppel weighed in on one of the factors causing the decline, Varroa mites, and his research on natural ways to save the bees.

“We are trying to harvest the natural defenses that honeybees have to improve their defenses and the defense of the hive to combat the mite,” says Rueppel.

Helping honeybees help themselves

See that tiny red dot on this honey bee? It's a mite. Mites infest honeybee colonies and spread viruses. But scientists from UNCG Research are working on a solution…one that relies on the bee's natural defense system.

Posted by UNC-TV on Friday, November 10, 2017

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