Parke Rublee

Nucleic Acid Arrays to Monitor Water and Other Ecosystems

The Office of Innovation and Commercialization is proud to announce that Dr. Vincent Henrich and Dr. Parke Rublee of UNCG’s Department of Biology were issued a new patent this week on September 8th, 2015. The patent, entitled “Nucleic Acid Arrays to Monitor Water and Other Ecosystems”, involves a new molecular system for monitoring ecosystems, especially bodies of water. The invention can be used to both quickly and continuously detect mercury and other harmful substances in aquatic ecosystems. One of Dr. Henrich’s research focuses is developing technological tools for more precise measurement of molecules for research and clinical application, while Dr. Rublee’s research activities concentrate on the use of molecular tools to address ecological questions in aquatic microbial ecology. Their patent is an exciting accomplishment for the professors, OIC, and UNCG Biology Department.

This patent, US Patent No. 9,126,165, is part of the patent portfolio that was licensed to Global Oasis Technologies.