Nanoplasmonic Device and Application Thereof

Principal Investigators: Jianjun Wei

Application Number: 15/639,891

UNCG Innovation: 15-0017

Category: Nanoscience


The invention is to generate a plasmonic nano-optofluidic (PNOF) platform to realize and demonstrate its versatility of in-situ cell separation and delivery of smaller molecules to sensing area, and discriminative, sensitive quantitation of the small (e.g. proteins) biomarkers in body fluids (whole blood, serum, urine, saliva and/or sweat). The invention will ultimately produce a point-of-care (POC) device for multiplex detection of biomarkers relevant to many diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease or cancer) which combine a set of innovative and complementary optical and nanofluidic technologies.

Immediate/Future Application:

  • A chip with featured nanostructure (nanoledge arrays) that enables optical measurement and detection
  • A chip with featured nanostructure (nanoledge arrays) that provide nanochannels for sample delivery (nonofliuds)
  • A chip with featured nanostructure (nanoledge arrays) that is readily to integrate with microfluidics for an integrated lab-on-chip (LOC) device
  • The integrated LOC device enables in-situ sample separation that allows small molecules delivery to the nanoledge channels for detection, meanwhile to exclude large particles (e.g. cells, bacteria) from the nanochannels.
  • The integrated LOC device is readily to combine optical detection system for a point-of-care device for biomarker detection in body fluids (including whole blood, whole blood, serum, urine, saliva and/or sweat).
  • The point-of-care device can be used for early detection and diagnosis of many disease or health problems (e.g. cardiac, cancers, and stress, etc.) if the disease or health problem has any associated biomarkers (small molecules and proteins) in body fluids.
  • The chip-based device can be further developed as sensors or biosensors in environmental analysis or homeland security detection

Inventor info: Jianjun Wei